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Romance in the air ….  Auckland theatre goers are being encouraged to write love letters to the most famous fictional lovers of all time.

Shoreside Theatre is inviting members of the public to write their own love stories to mark their performance of the Shakespearian romantic tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, which opens on January 20 at the PumpHouse Theatre, Lake Pupuke.
Shoreside Theatre is following a charming tradition in Verona, the Italian city which is the setting for the famous play.
For decades, people from all over the world have been sharing their love stories, romantic triumphs and heartbreaks in letters to the Casa de Giulietta where the original Juliet Capulet was reputed to have lived. These notes and letters to love are displayed in the courtyard of the home.
The play’s director, James Bell said: “We would love people to write about their own romantic experiences or special emotional anniversaries, so bringing this touching tradition to New Zealand.
“We hope to select the most moving contribution and award the individual a celebratory bottle of wine and two tickets for a Romeo and Juliet performance.
“People who are moved to write should e-mail their efforts to we will then print them off for display without full names and addresses.”
The closing date for entries is January 31, 2018


In this production two talented young actors play the leads.
Auckland University student Mat Kereama (Ngati Raukawa) plays Romeo and costume and design scholarship student, Aria Harrison-Sparke (Ngati Raukawa) plays Juliet.

Twins come and meet the Twins!   Are you a twin and do you like Shakespeare?

If so, Shoreside Theatre has a treat for you to celebrate its new Shakespeare in the Park production of The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare.
This riotous work centres on two sets of identical twins who were separated as young children in a shipwreck.
One half of each set of twins grows up in the ancient city of Ephesus and the other in Syracuse, in ignorance of the other’s existence.
When the Syracusan twins land in Ephesus (a city which has banned, on pain of death, anyone from Syracuse) an hilarious series of misidentifications takes place leading to a revelation that no one sees coming.
Shoreside Theatre is promising a bottle of wine and a pair of free tickets to the first twins to attend a performance of the play, which opens on January 23, 2018, at the PumpHouse Theatre, Lake Pupuke.

Director Mags Delaney says: “This early Shakespearean comedy is perhaps not as well-known as the later ones, but it is full of wordplay and laughs. This is Shakespeare’s first use of twins for dramatic effect, so we are celebrating this by offering a prize for twins in the audience.

“The prize will go to the first twins who present themselves at the box office on the first performance of the play on January 23.”

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Cora-Joy Summerfield and Sophie Watson play the two Dromios in this production.