Auckland’s Shakespeare in the Park 21st Season

forty-years-ofmagnificence21 years of Real Bardolatry

The season has started with aplomb! Don’t miss out on the fun!


                Love Labour’s Lost


                 A Midsummer Night’s Dream









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Yes, in January / February  2017 it’s our 21st unbroken season of Auckland Shakespeare in the Park.  Certainly something to enjoy and we look at the lighter side of life with both plays being presented in repertory.

Love’s Labour’s Lost  starts the celebrations on Saturday, January 14th with its dazzling wordplay and witty exchanges alternating throughout the season with

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”,  undoubtedly one of Shakespeare’s most endearingly popular plays.

Shakespeare’s genius with comedy and farce exposes the most powerful of human emotions and as always, you can be sure our presentations achieve his visualisations.


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