Shoreside Theatre welcomes expressions of interest from anyone interested in being involved in our 2022 Agatha Christie season.

Initial auditions will be held on Saturday 30th April from 1:00 pm

Express your interest at


27 July to 7 August 2022The PumpHouse Theatre, Takapuna


Through the thick fog of the English countryside, a lost traveler whose car has broken down stumbles up to a manor house looking for assistance only to find the owner of the house, Richard Warwick, shot dead in his wheelchair and his wife standing nearby holding a gun

When the wife confesses to the murder, the unexpected guest agrees to give her an alibi.But when the police arrive and begin their investigation, they discover that no alibis are foolproof and that no members of the family are free from the entanglements that Richard Warwick tied them up in.


(Ages are a suggestion only, accents not required)

  • Laura Warwick (female) 20s-40s. Kind and caring. Richard Warwick’s wife.
  • Michael Starkwedder (male) 20s-40s. Rugged outdoor look. Not polished but quick thinker.
  • Inspector Thomas (male/female) Good poker face with dry sarcastic attitude.
  • Julian Farrar (male/female) 30s-40s. Politician with soldiery aspect.
  • Miss Bennett (female) 40s-50s. Organized, alert, and nosey. Runs the household.
  • Jan Warwick (male/female) late teens/early 20s. Excitable, with an innocent sweetness.
  • Henry Angell (male) Manservant with proper manners but shifty untrusting personality.
  • Mrs. Warwick (female) 50s+. Commanding and alert with a strong personality.
  • Sergeant Cadwallader (male/female) Poetic and soft spoken. Somewhat unobserving.
  • Richard Warwick (male) 30s-50s. Dead (no lines – could double)

Rehearsals will be held in Milford on days/times to suit the cast.

Questions? Email