Auditions – One Act Plays

We’re thrilled to announce auditions for our one act plays season to be presented at The PumpHouse Coal Bunker from 12th to 22nd April 2023.

To express your interest (either acting or behind the scenes), please completed the form at

The plays are:

Scorch by Stacey Gregg Directed by Lauren Wilson (She/They)
Wurzel-Flummery by A.A Milne Directed by Max Easey (He/Him)

Auditions will be help on Saturday 25th February 2023

All three plays will be auditioned together but the directors may ask people to read scenes from their specific work.

Rehearsals will begin Late Feb/ Early March 
The performance season runs from the 12th April – 22nd April

To take part you will need to join Shoreside Theatre.  Membership is free, but you will need to agree to our Code of Conduct and society rules.

The Plays

Scorch by Stacey Gregg

Directed by Lauren Wilson (She/They)

For Audition Pieces and a copy of the script please email

A touching and provocative story of first love through the eyes of a gender-curious teen, Scorch was inspired by recent UK cases of “gender fraud.” For those who feel they’re not living the right life, online is a place to be yourself. Out in the real world, though, things can be very different.

Trigger Warnings: Accusation of Gender Fraud/ False Rape Accusation  


  • Kes 18-30. Late Teens/Early twenties Non Binary. Kes is a gender curious teen exploring their first love online. The director is specifically after actors in the Queer community who identify as Non Binary or Transgender. 

Wurzel-Flummery by A.A. Milne

Directed by: Max Easey (He/Her)

For Audition Pieces and a copy of the script please email

A dry, melodramatic farce of a conservative, upper class family offered an obscene amount of money in a stranger’s Will on the condition they change their name to one chosen by the deceased.

Poignant with its delivery of our view of money and dignity, and how quickly we’re willing to abandon one for the other when the time comes. 

After all, how bad can it be? It’s only a name…


  • Robert Crawshaw (open age/mature, male-presenting) – conservative M.P., proud, money-minded, able to twist the facts of the world to his perception of reality.
  • Margaret Crawshaw (open age/mature, female presenting) – the dutiful wife of Crawshaw, comfortable with her life but wants more, oblivious to Crawchaw’s political dealings.
  • Viola Crawshaw (18-30s, female presenting) – the bright, sweet, and cheerful daughter of the Crawshaws, eager to reveal her hidden engagement.
  • Richard “Dick” Meriton (18-30s, open casting) – liberal M.P., friend and political rival to Crawshaw, good humoured and steadfast in his political beliefs.
  • Denis Clifton (18-30s, open casting) – nephew and executor of the deceased, Antony Clifton’s, estate. A writer and lover of theatre, he has a dramatic flare that he brings to his unimaginative job as a solicitor.